Intelligent Robotics Engine

One of the most popular elements in fiction movies is the robot. These robots are imagined to be so functional to attract the audience’s eyes. In fact, people started to explore the availability of resembling human beings in the ancient ages, even earlier than those fictions were born. Date back to 1920s, the breakthrough came out with the invention of the first humanoid robots, though it could only move its ‘hand’ and ‘head’ through remote control.

The robots were becoming more and more functional in the past several decades, as the electronic and mechanic manufactory developed markedly, and shape of the robot is no longer limited by a humanoid body because specific functions are required in our daily life usability with the implementation of numerous kinds of technologies into the robots. For example, a pie-shaped dust cleaner robots, then randomly ‘walk’ around the living room, collect litter and dirt on the floor. Besides, other types of domestic robots for clean keeping, delivery, entertainment and even educational accompany. The current autonomous robots have stepped into our daily life, not just because it sets human free from duplicated labor, but also it is getting increasingly intelligent to replace human involvement of work.

The current robot is no longer a machine to do simple housework or repeat a single movement on a product line, it can ‘learn’ from a human with most advanced AI(artificial intelligence) technology, including machine learning, deep learning, etc. The intelligent robots have gone much further than traditional robots because the Artificial Intelligence makes them talk, watch, infer and obtain more ability that previously merely own by a human, in order to serve more efficiently, and bring better user experience.

In addition to AI, more advanced theology will lead the robot into a powerful and helpful era, such as 5G, IoT, etc. This new technology is able to enhance the interaction between robots and human, with bringing not only a faster speed of data transfer but variance method of connections as well. Intelligent robots are expected to be more specialized in functions and shapes, in the following areas: service, search, healthcare, etc.
AI-Powered Applications