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Mining Fuzzy Association Rules from a Donor Database for Direct Marketing

Area: Marketing
• Description

In a highly competitive and digitized world, the success and growth of a business can be attributed to its unique marketing approach and to being in the right place at the right time. Harnessing the most efficient tools and resources can make a significant difference to the sales and profitability of a business and a successful direct marketing program for consumer engagement can give businesses the edge. Direct marketing can be a powerful tool, one that can provide businesses with the perfect means of communicating with a potential market. Promotion of products and services through direct campaigning can be extremely effective and powerful for both small and large businesses. 

Typically, a direct marketing strategy can involve a combination of several methods including direct mail marketing, direct response, mobile marketing, promotional letters, catalogs, and personalized online advertising. In this project, we applied the proposed approach to the donor database provided by a charitable organization in order to discover hidden patterns that can help the organization formulate some direct mail strategies for use in future campaigns.

- Special Features and Advantages

  • The discovered fuzzy association rules employ linguistic terms.
  • Utilizes an objective measure to determine the interestingness of associations.
  • Allows the ranking of discovered rules according to an uncertainty measure.
  • Allows quantitative values to be inferred by the discovered fuzzy rules.
  • Able to handle high-dimensional data sets efficiently.

    - Applications

  • Database Marketing
    Mining customer database to identify high-value customers.
  • Customer Relationship Management
    Understand customers’ buying behaviors in order to provide personalized services.