Service Area

An eLearning Application using Automated Ontology Management

Area: eLearning

A universal ontology encompassing the entire knowledge of the world is being built to enable global knowledge sharing and ultimately lead to the transformation into a knowledge society.

Our project attempts to build an automated universal ontology generator for most knowledge domains in the world. Based on it, a general eLearning portal that is powered by this universal ontology generator will be developed. Users can upload thousands of documents to the portal and the system will automatically organize the documents according to its semantic contents. Both the keyword-based search and exploratory search will be provided in order to widen the users’ learning scope and to get them to learn more in-depth. The retrieved documents will be ranked according to the closeness of the semantic relationship.

- Special Features and Advantages

  • Document concept discovery algorithm
    Discovers concepts in a corpus of documents using advanced data mining techniques.
  • Ontology map viewer
    Visualizes concepts in the form of ontology map.
  • Real-time topic-focused crawler
    Extracts contents from Wikipedia in real-time.
  • Tagging and ranking engine
    Tags and ranks documents automatically.

- Applications

  • Knowledge management
    Enhances the performance of capturing, discovering, sharing and using organizational knowledge.
  • eLearning system
    Fosters exploratory learning by providing an ontology map with links of related concepts.
  • Semantic search
    Improves search accuracy by understanding searchers’ intent and the contextual meaning of terms.